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Lobster shells have inspired stronger concrete


Today’s Video of the Day from RMIT University describes how lobster shells have inspired 3D printed concrete with the strength to support more complex structures.

The researchers designed special 3D patterns based on the natural toughness of lobster shells. When these new patterns were combined with a specialized concrete mix, the product was stronger than traditional concrete.

“3D concrete printing technology has real potential to revolutionise the construction industry, and our aim is to bring that transformation closer,” said Dr. Jonathan Tran. 

“Our study explores how different printing patterns affect the structural integrity of 3D printed concrete, and for the first time reveals the benefits of a bio-inspired approach in 3DCP.”

“We know that natural materials like lobster exoskeletons?have evolved into high-performance structures over millions of years, so by mimicking their key advantages we can follow where nature has already innovated.”

Video Credit: RMIT University 

By Chrissy Sexton, Earth.com Staff Writer

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