Multi-colored film can identify specific sugar molecules •

Multi-colored film can identify specific sugar molecules


Today’s Video of the Day from the American Chemical Society describes how scientists have created a rainbow-colored film to identify various sweeteners. 

When the film is evenly stretched, it enhances the fluorescence intensity of sugar molecules that have been treated with fluorescent dye. The resulting signals are distinctive enough to distinguish between sweetened beverages and sweat samples. 

Sweet tastes come from many types of sugar molecules, such as glucose and fructose. Sugars that are present in human sweat could be used in a non-invasive method for monitoring blood sugar.

The new film simplifies the process of detecting and differentiating sugar molecules that are present in samples. The researchers say that the stretchable, multi-colored material could be incorporated into wearable devices for environmental, clinical, or health monitoring of sugar. 

Video Credit: American Chemical Society 

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

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