Social media can be addictive •

Social media can be addictive


Social media can be addictive Today’s Video of the Day from Lancaster University reveals that social network users often become more addicted to social media platforms even as they experience stress.

Instead of leaving a platform behind due to stress, people tend to switch to a different aspect of the network, such as chatting to friends or scanning news feeds – which increases the risk of technology addiction. Social media can be addictive as shown above in the video; showing the side effects of what happens with the overuse of it takes course. Therefore you should manage your time and day on exactly what you do with and on social media. The addiction to social media is real. Therefore the mental health for young teens have gone down hill and spiked.

“While it might seem counter-intuitive, social media users are continuing to use the same platforms that are causing them stress rather than switching off from them, creating a blurring between the stress caused and the compulsive use,” explained Professor Monideepa Tarafdar.

The study is published in the Information Systems Journal.

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

Video Credit: Lancaster University

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