Solar chimney designed to save lives •

Solar chimney designed to save lives


Solar chimney designed to save lives Today’s Video of the Day from RMIT University describes new solar chimneys that can cut energy costs in half with an added benefit of fire safety.

This is the first time a solar chimney has been designed to help prevent the loss of lives in a building fire.

The chimney increases the time that people can safely evacuate a burning building from about two minutes to over 14 minutes.

“In an emergency situation where every second counts, giving people more time to escape safely is critical,” said Dr. Long Shi.

“Our research demonstrates that solar chimneys offer powerful benefits for both people’s safety and the environment.”

“Delivering on two important functions could boosts the already strong cost-effectiveness of this sustainable technology.

“We hope our findings will inspire more investment and development of solar chimneys in Australia, and around the world.”

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

Video Credit: RMIT University

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