The ozone layer has been recovering since 1987 •

The ozone layer has been recovering since 1987


The ozone layer has been recovering since 1987 Today’s Video of the Day from NASA Goddard describes the recovery of the Earth’s ozone layer since legislation was passed in 1987 to protect it.

This year, colder temperatures in the South Pole region of Antarctica caused the ozone hole to grow slightly larger compared to 2016 and 2017.

However, models developed by NASA scientists have revealed that the 2018 hole is still much smaller than it would have been without the Montreal Protocol, which banned the use of harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that were depleting the ozone layer.  · A new study has noted that the 1987 Montreal Protocol was likely behind the continued recovery of our planet’s ozone layer. A newly published study notes that the ozone layer is continuing to heal. 

EARTH’S protective ozone layer has been on a slow path to recovery since the 1987 Montreal Protocol banned chemicals that erode it.  The Antarctic ozone layer is healing and has the potential to recover to 1960 levels by the end of the century. Ozone depletion, explained. Human activity has damaged this protective layer of the stratosphere and while ozone layer health has improved.  The vast hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica appears to be healing, scientists say, putting the world on track to eventually remedy one of the biggest environmental.

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

Video Credit : NASA Goddard

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