Using solar energy to desalinate seawater •

Using solar energy to desalinate seawater


Using solar energy to desalinate seawater Today’s Video of the Day from the National Science Foundation describes research that may ultimately revolutionize water treatment by using energy from sunlight to turn saltwater into fresh drinking water.

According to experts at Rice University, innovations from nanotechnology are needed to address some of the very complex challenges associated with water treatment. As seen above in the video Using solar energy to desalinate seawater Well, it is the same concept as desalination, but the only difference is that solar desalinationproduces potable water from saline water using the sun’s energy. This process mimics the natural water cycle; therefore, it has more benefits for the environment, and might even save it.

The new desalination system uses a combination of membrane distillation technology and light-harvesting nanophotonics. Solar powered auto irrigation system work in the sunlight. When the sun shines the water, pumping process is a sensible way of solar energy use throughout the summer, as the water need is the highest. The water pump which is used will provide a reliable water source for plantation. Experimental techniques Waste heat. Thermally-driven desalination technologies are frequently suggested for use with low-temperature waste heat sources, as the low temperatures are not useful for many industrial processes, but ideal for the. Low-temperature thermal. .Thermoionic process.Evaporation and condensation for crops.

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

Video Credit: Rice University

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