Behind the scenes of how wasps make their homes •

Behind the scenes of how wasps make their homes


Behind the scenes of how wasps make their homes Today’s Video of the Day comes thanks to the University of Rochester and features a look at how wasps inject venom into other organisms to make them a suitable environment to raise their young.

Also you can find In the vast majority of cases, mated queens are the only wasps and hornets to survive the winter. They do so by hibernating under bark, in a rock crevice or in a burrow. When spring arrives, they wake up and start constructing a new nest — queens never go back to their old ones.

Stand still and wait until the wasp is close enough to spray. Don’t just spray a large cloud of the spray at the wasp. Instead, reach out with your arm and spray the insect. If you have done it right, the wasp will fall to the ground as soon as it is sprayed.

To get rid of wasps in your house with a homemade trap, start by cutting a 2 liter soda bottle a third of the way down using a razor blade or a pair of scissors. Next, bait the trap by placing watered down dish soap in the bottom of the bottle. Then flip the top third of the bottle upside down and slide it into the base.

By Rory Arnold,

Source: University of Rochester

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