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Hooded seal

(Cystophora cristata)



The hooded seal ( Cystophora cristata Erxleben,1777 ),the only species of the genus Cystophora Nilsson,1820,is an Arctic pinnipede that takes its name from the proboscis ridge or inflatable hood of the male that extends from the nostrils to the eyes.Although you remember a little 'far away,the inflatable snout of the seal from the hood is not however equal to that of the marine elephant.The seals from the hood are big animals.The adult males reach the maximum length of about 250-270 cm and weigh about 200-400 kg;the females are smaller,about 200-220 cm and have a proportionally lower weight.The adult seal is dark gray or black with a number of irregular marks on the back.These are transverse,5-8 cm in size,and are smaller towards the neck.These signs are often surrounded by a circle with whitish spots.The seal is clearer in the lower parts.The female is generally lighter than the male and with less distinct signs.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Mammalia
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