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San Andres vireo

(Vireo caribaeus)



Vireo caribaeus,the verderón of San Andrés or vireo de San Andrés and a species of passerine bird of the Vireonidae family.Ye endemic to the Colombian islandof San Andrés,in the Caribbean Sea (off the eastern coast of Nicaragua ).It is found on the majority of the island,but the population of different habitats has a Llindar population from the south.Ye a small bird that agitates up to 12.5 cm in length.Ye of olive green on it and shine or light yellow in the banduyu.It has two white bars on the corners of the nala,pale corners on plumes back and a strip of color mariellu claru ente'l picu and güeyos.The gray-brown güeyu ye Issue them singing and call them;Produce a call from a syllable,a repeat song of two syllables and a song of three syllables

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
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