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Last update: January 19th, 2020 at 8:00 am

First of all the Lebensspuren and eel pout in this photo, immediately stand out. The lebensspuren –

Also The eel pout one-whiskered fish ,its single “barbell” is often referred to as a goatee

Therefore shown is  The high density of lebensspuren indicate a low current environment.

The term “eel” is also used for some other eel-shaped fish, such as electric eels, spiny eels, and deep-sea spiny eels (family Notacanthidae).

These other clades, however, evolved.

Eels measure no bigger than a pinkie and look more like vitreous earthworms than fish eel-like shapes independently from any other.


Arctic Exploration: August 15 – September 8, 2002

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