Most Unforgettable Day • Most Unforgettable Day

Most Unforgettable Day

The crowd of onlookers laughed at each other and congratulated one another for what they had achieved. They knew that everyone in the area gave their all to save the baby elephant. The salute from the massive animals was totally priceless. The grateful elephants continued on their procession. But that day, everyone knew that what happened would burn in their memories forever.

The herd of wild elephants began to look smaller and smaller to the eyes of the villagers. They began making their way into the forests. Nobody knew when they would be able to get as close to the wild beast as they were that day. The locals stayed on the other side of the river until the last elephant was out of sight. They had spent a considerable amount of time on the rescue mission and yet, their hearts were full. Every second was worth it. Photo Credit: Credits

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