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Instagram documents strange California cloud formation

Following a week of heavy rains and flooding, Golden State residents were greeted by a most unusual California cloud formation on Saturday.

Technically known as fallstreak or hole punch clouds, the formation occurs when a large gap appears in the middle of a cumulus cloud. When water temperatures inside of the cloud are below freezing, but the water has not yet frozen, ice crystals begin to form. This, in turn, prompts the surrounding water droplets to evaporate, leaving the large hole. Then, if an aircraft passes through, it will cause the air to freeze and expand, leaving a pattern that looks similar to a brushstroke.

Here are some of our favorite Instagram photos of the super-cool California cloud formation.

so I’m pretty sure this is the coolest thing I’ve ever witnessed🙊 #rainbowsky

A photo posted by Melanie Haddow (@melaniehaddow) on

😍 #fallstreak #hole in the #sky #cloudscape #clouds #cloudformations #cloudporn #shadesofsky (image credit: 🌎✌)

A photo posted by deborah_riphertopunk (@deborah_riphertopunk) on

Epic cloud formation today!!! Some Armageddon shit right here in Newcastle. #cloudnerd #cloudporn #fallstreak

A photo posted by Kate Davidson (@yay_4_yoga) on

#holepunchcloud #fallstreak #alien #atmosphere #cloudporn #santamonica

A photo posted by Denise Taylor (@denisetaylor) on

Himmel möter hav #nynäshamn #lövhagen #horisont #fallstreakhole

A photo posted by Helena Löfgren (@hellofgren) on

🚀😩 ho hum…just another alien ship over P.V. 🤖👽👾

A photo posted by Linda (@linda__compian) on

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