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5 best movies about the end of life on Earth

In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic, economic turmoil, political distrust and the ongoing threat of nuclear attack have led to heightened interest in post-apocalyptic films. There are several movies showing what the end of the world will look like, and here are some of them.


The movie begins when NASA discovers that an asteroid the size of Texas is going to hit the planet Earth in less than twenty days. Faced with such an emergency situation, they decide that the only thing they can do to avoid the collision is to drill the asteroid and introduce a nuclear bomb to blow it to pieces

Harry S. Stamper (Bruce Willis), an oil driller who has several years of experience behind him accepts the assignment with the intention of leading a group of men chosen by himself. These men are A.J. Frost (Ben Affleck), who is the boyfriend of his daughter Grace (Liv Tyler); Rockhound (Steve Buscemi); Jayotis (Michael Clarke Duncan), and a geologist named Oscar Choi (Owen Wilson). The team will split into two shuttles to perform the dangerous maneuver, on which the lives of millions of people will depend.

Armageddon is directed by Michael Bay (Transformers, Pearl Harbor, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi) and was a huge box-office hit when it was released in 1998.

The Day After Tomorrow

Research by climatologist Jack Hall indicates that global warming could trigger a sudden and catastrophic climate change on Earth. Hall warns political leaders of the need to take immediate action to prevent it, but his warnings come too late: a series of anomalous climatic phenomena are beginning to occur in different parts of the globe.

Global warming has brought the planet to the brink of a new ice age. While Jack warns the White House of impending climate change, his son Sam and his friends are trapped in New York, where they have gone to participate in an intercollegiate academic competition.

The Day After Tomorrow  is directed by Roland Emmerich. Originally slated for release in the summer of 2003, it premiered in Mexico City on May 17, 2004, and was released in the US on May 28, 2004. A major commercial success, it was the sixth-highest-grossing film of 2004.

28 Days Later

London is a graveyard. The streets are now deserted. The stores empty. There is complete silence. Following the spread of a virus that wiped out most of Britain’s population, terrifying beings invaded.

The virus spread after a raid on a laboratory by a group of animal rights defenders. Transmitted through blood, the virus produces devastating effects on those affected. In 28 days the epidemic spreads throughout the country and only a handful of survivors remain.

Directed by Danny Boyle, 28 Days Later is both a terrifying zombie movie and a sharp political allegory.  Grossing more than $82.7 million worldwide on its modest budget of $8 million, it became one of the most profitable horror films of 2002.


“Interstellar” shows us a time when the Earth has become very uninhabitable, crops are harder to grow, and it is prone to dust storms due to drought. As things didn’t get better, astronauts were sent into space to find other planets.

Although it doesn’t quite show that much of the world is falling into ruin. Instead, it’s about astronauts played by Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey traveling through space to inspect potential planets. Still, this is a great movie that deserves to be watched.


Rampant consumerism, corporate greed, and environmental neglect have turned planet Earth into a trash-filled wasteland; humanity is nowhere to be found, having been evacuated in giant generation ships seven centuries earlier.

In the year 2800, on a devastated and lifeless planet Earth, after hundreds of lonely years doing what it was built for – cleaning the planet of garbage – the little robot WALL•E (acronym for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) discovers a new mission in his life when he meets a modern and sleek scout robot named EVE. Both will travel throughout the galaxy and live an exciting and unforgettable adventure.

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