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Ivanka Trump makes plans to combat climate change

According to Politico, Ivanka Trump is looking for ways to use her new role to combat climate change, despite her father’s previous comments that global warming was a “hoax.”

The report goes on to state that Ms. Trump may have an even more public role than the future first lady. The president-elect’s ambitious daughter will take over running the Trump businesses alongside her brothers, but as of yet she has no plans to move to Washington. Politico reported that she may be planning to hire a chief of staff and additional team members.

Trump himself has warmed to the concept that humans may have affected the world’s climate recently, stating in a New York Times interview that he thinks there is “some connectivity” between global warming and human activity.

Ivanka and Donald Trump are reported to have an incredibly close relationship, with some commentators believing he may move on climate if pushed by his ambitious daughter. The former fashion model is thought to have more left-leaning views than her father, with an emphasis on women’s rights, climate change, family leave and pay equality. Ivanka Trump commented earlier this year, “Policies that allow women with children to thrive should not be novelties – they should be the norm.” In July, she promised her father would change labor laws put in place years before women were a major part of the workforce.

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