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Rare condition produces gorgeous twin kittens

Gorgeous twin kittens from Russia both have a condition which produces different eye coloration.

These delightful kitties caught the eye of their human. Pavel Kasianov. He was “blown away by their appearance” after seeing an online adoption advert.

Both cats have heterochromia, which produces a difference in coloration in both eyes. Many people thought David Bowie also suffered from the condition, but in actuality both his eyes were blue, but one had a permanently dilated pupil. Celebrities like Kate Bosworth and Simon Pegg have these unusual eyes.

These playful pussies are now celebrities themselves, boasting over 70,000 Instagram followers. The cats don’t let internet fame go to their heads – they lead a perfectly normal life eating breakfast, surveying the house and playing.

Occasionally, heterochromia has an adverse effect on an animal’s health and can lead to blindness or deafness; however, these twin cats are perfectly healthy and happy.

Follow them on Instagram. Photo credit: Sis Twins Official

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