How deep-sea fish can see in twilight conditions -

How deep-sea fish can see in twilight conditions


Today’s Video of the Day comes from the University of Queensland and features a look at a new type of cell that has been discovered in the eyes of deep-sea fish.

The cell was found in deep-sea pearlside fish, whose eyes are especially adapted to see in twilight conditions.

“Previously it was thought that pearlsides had retinas composed entirely of rods, but our new study has found this isn’t the case,” said Dr Fanny de Busserolles. “Humans use their cones during the day our rods at night, but during twilight, although not ideal, we use a combination of both. Pearlsides, being active mainly during twilight, have developed a completely different solution.”

The discovery helps scientists better understand vision in a wide variety of light conditions and how different animals see the world.

By Rory Arnold, Staff Writer

Video Credit: Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland

Image Credit: Dr Fanny de Busserolles

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