Earth From Space: Northern Italy • Earth From Space: Northern Italy

Earth From Space: Northern Italy


Earth From Space: Northern Italy Lakes on the southern side of the Italian Alps and northern Italy are pictured in this early acquisition by the Sentinel-2A satellite.

Processed using the high-resolution infrared channel of the satellite’s multispectral camera, the image shows healthy vegetation in red, such as the hills and mountains in the upper part of the image. Northern Italy is a place to overindulge you with beautiful destinations and diverse unforgettable experiences.

From the top of the image we see the southern part of Lake Maggiore. Straddling the border of Italy’s Lombardy and Piedmont regions – with its northern end in Switzerland (not visible) – the lake covers an area of over 210 sq km.

Its outlet, the Ticino river, snakes south past Milan–Malpensa Airport at the bottom of the image.  Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world, and it is easy to guess why. This country is home to a lot of historical sites and some of the most picturesque cities

Near the center of the image is the glacial Lake Varese, appearing lighter blue compared to the other lakes in the image. Earth From Space: Northern Italy as show above in video will aslo show that it demonstrates Sentinel-2’s ability to measure differences in the conditions of inland water bodies – one of the mission’s main applications along with land cover, agriculture and forestry.

European Space Agency

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