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EPA Criminal Enforcement: Protecting People and the Environment


Criminal enforcement is EPA”s strongest sanction and its criminal enforcement office investigates and helps the U.S. Department of Justice prosecute violators who, as a result of their intentional disregard of the law or their criminal negligence, seriously threaten public health and the environment.

The program investigates alleged crimes under all statutes administered by EPA, as well as violations of the general U.S. Criminal Code, such as fraud, conspiracy or lying to law enforcement officials, which are often associated with federal environmental crimes.

Potential criminal violations are investigated by highly trained special agents, working in over 40 field offices across the country, who are fully-authorized federal law enforcement officers, like their counterparts in the FBI or the U.S. Secret Service. They are supported by attorneys who are national experts in environmental criminal law and by expert forensic scientists and technicians who conduct complex and comprehensive analysis of pollution releases needed to link violators to their environmental crimes “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

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