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Expedition 57 crew returns safely to the Earth


Expedition 57 crew returns safely to the Earth Today’s Video of the Day from NASA Goddard shows the journey. 

On December 20, three astronauts including commander Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency, Sergey Prokopyev of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, and Serena Auñón-Chancellor of NASA safely touched down in Kazakhstan after more than six months in space. The launch pad gantry arms are seen closing around the Soyuz rocket in this long exposure. Crew of three safely lands in Kazakhstan after 197-day space. 

Expedition 57 crew returns safely to the Earth How astronomers areunraveling the mysteries of the oldest galaxies in the universe A youthful universeExpedition 57 was the 57th expedition to the International Space Station, which began on October 4, 2018, upon the departure of Soyuz MS-08.

This was a mission undertaken by the Survey Corps. Also to plot a course from Karanes District to Shiganshina District. The expedition was sabotaged by the Female Titan and subsequently considered a failure. Three astronauts flew the 57th mission to the International Space Station, a trip that included much science, dazzling views as shown above in the video showing the mission of return. The crew landed safely after a ballistic descent.

The Expedition 57 crew contributed to hundreds of experiments in biology, biotechnology, physical science and Earth science. Also the 57 crew was a very important mission to research the galaxy and its universe and what takes place in space.

By Chrissy Sexton, Earth.com Staff Writer

Video Credit: NASA Goddard

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