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Faraday Future, new teaser trailer for the car that will take on Tesla


Faraday Future released a teaser video for their new electric car this week.

California-based car manufacturer Faraday Future will unveil its much-hyped new electric car this January at the Consumer Electronics Show and to promote the big reveal, the company has released a new teaser clip: the new vehicle is seen wrapped in a black cover to hide its exterior, along with the tagline “Who said don’t reinvent the wheel?”

While rumors have swirled, suggesting the new car will be a “Tesla killer,” Faraday Future Senior Vice President of Research & Development David Sampson says, “It’s more an illustration of what is possible with its underlying tech currently being tested in other cars.” He continued, “thinking about us and Tesla squabbling over 1 percent of the market – it’s not really part of the equation.”

One key difference between the Tesla and Faraday Future is that while the former’s cars are controlled through your smartphone, Faraday wants drivers interacting with directly with systems inside the vehicle.

Faraday Future recently unveiled a battery-powered concept car known as FFZero1. The 1,000-horsepower model can accelerate from zero to 60mph in less than three seconds and reach speeds over 200 mph. The FFZero1 also included a teardrop shape and aerodynamic tunnels to keep the batteries cool. Richard Kim, Faraday Head of Global Design, called it “something not of this world.”

Behind the hype, Faraday Future has faced multiple setbacks. Automotive News reported that the company is behind on a $21-million payment for the construction of its Nevada factory. Six top executives have also reportedly left the company.

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