How do mobile apps get our attention? •

How do mobile apps get our attention?


How do mobile apps get our attention? Today’s Video of the Day from Aalto University describes how mobile apps grab our attention in unexpected ways. 

On a laptop or web browser, our visual attention is drawn toward features that are bigger and brighter. However, these elements do not stand out as much on a mobile interface.

The researchers found that the features which catch our eye the most on mobile apps are images, faces, and text. 

‘It actually came as a surprise that bright colors didn’t affect how people fixate on app details,” said study lead author Luis Leiva. 

“One possible reason is that the mobile interface itself is full of glossy and colourful elements, so everything on the screen can potentially catch your attention – it’s just how they’re designed.” 

“It seems that when everything is made to stand out, nothing pops out in the end.”

Video Credit: Marianne Lenoir/Aalto University

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

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