Improving weather forecasts to save lives •

Improving weather forecasts to save lives


Improving weather forecasts to save lives Today’s Video of the Day comes from NASA JPL and features a look at how scientists are improving weather forecasts in order to save lives.

In 2002, NASA launched its Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) aboard the Aqua satellite that has provided meteorologists a new world of information. Previously, weather forecasters only had access to 15 different wavelengths of light in the atmosphere. But with AIRS, that number increased to almost 2400 wavelengths.

Every advancement in weather forecasting has led to safer travel on roads, in the air, at sea; businesses that can improve safety, productivity, profit; emergency managers that direct residents away from harm; a nation that is more ready, responsive and resilient to natural disasters.

By Rory Arnold,

Video Credit: NASA JPL

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