Satellite image of Japan •

Satellite image of Japan


Sentinel-3A captured part of Japan on May 12 in this amazing image. Sitting on a volcanic zone in the Pacific Ring of Fire, Japan is prone to earthquakes. In 2011 the Tōhoku earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused claimed over 15,000 lives.

We can make out the location of the Median Tectonic Line in this image – a fault system running primarily northeast–southwest in the southern part of the country. Rivers formed along the line, and the fields and buildings in these river basins are visible as in the lower left part of the image giving a sense of the general location of the fault.

The water surrounding the islands appears blue on the left side of the picture, but dark gray on the right. This is an effect of the Sun glinting on the water.

The light blue areas show the outflow of rivers, carrying sediments into the ocean.

Credit: European Space Agency

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