Martian meteorites found on Earth • Martian meteorites found on Earth

Martian meteorites found on Earth


Martian meteorites found on Earth Today’s Video of the Day from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) describes the discovery of Martian meteorites on Earth.

According to officials at NASA, the meteorites had been blasted off Mars by a large impact event.

NASA scientists enlisted the help of experts at the ARL to analyze a Martian space rock sample known as “Black Beauty.”

The X-ray scanning tools used in the ARL can create high-resolution 3D images that give scientists a non-invasive look inside of materials. So as seen above in the video the Martian meteorites found on Earth are researched and analyzed vrey carefully. Therefore it helps determine.

The amount of time spent in transit from Mars to Earth can be estimated by measurements of the effect of cosmic radiation on the meteorites, particularly on isotope ratios of noble gases. The meteorites cluster in families that seem to correspond to distinct impact events on Mars.

It is thought, therefore, that the meteorites all originate in relatively few impacts every few million years on Mars. The impactors would be kilometers in diameter and the craters they form on Mars tens of kilometers in diameter. Models of impacts on Mars are consistent with these findings

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

Video Credit: U.S. Army Research Laboratory

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