New sensors could drastically speed up building construction •

New sensors could drastically speed up building construction


Today’s Video of the Day from Purdue University describes new sensors that will safely speed up the time it takes to construct a building.

The sensors will make it possible to determine when the concrete of each floor is strong enough to take on loads.

The technology may ultimately eliminate the need for time-consuming offsite testing by verifying the strength of concrete onsite.

“Our sensors could help make better data-driven decisions to determine the construction schedule and improve the quality of concrete construction,” said Professor Luna Lu.

A team of engineers at Purdue is working with F.A. Wilhelm Construction Co. Inc. to test and compare the technology with traditional commercial sensors.

“We’re trying to work with contractors to find out how much saving we can do for them in terms of time, cost and the number of people needed at a site, which reduces risk and improves construction safety,” said Professor Lu. “That starts with industry collaborations to evaluate how well the sensors work.”

Video Credit: 

Purdue University/Erin Easterling

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

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