The Petermann Glacier from space •

The Petermann Glacier from space


The Petermann Glacier from space Today’s Video of the Day comes from the European Space Agency’s Earth from Space series and features a look at the Petermann Glacier.

Petermann Glacier is located in northwest Greenland and links the Greenland ice sheet to the Arctic Ocean. It measures roughly 43 miles in length and in width with a thickness varying from 2,000 feet to less than 100 feet. Greenland’s largest, and has shrunk in recent years after previous rifts have resulted in massive icebergs breaking away from the glacier.

The images were captured by the Sentinel-2A satellite. The Petermann Glacier from space also shown above in the video will show The large glacier located in North-West Greenland to the east of Nares Strait. It connects the Greenland ice sheet to the Arctic Ocean at 81°10′ north latitude, near Hans Island.

In August 2010, a giant iceberg measuring 260 square kilometres (100 sq mi) broke off from the floating portion of Petermann Glacier reducing its area and volume by about 25% and 10%, respectively. The National Ice Center named the new iceberg, the Petermann Ice Island (2010) to differentiate it from a similar calving event two years earlier which produced Petermann Ice Island.

By Rory Arnold, Staff Writer

Video Credit: European Space Agency

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