San Leandro - Jobs and Clean-up from Recovery Act Funds


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funded a petroleum contaminated cleanup at a former bulk fuel storage site in Alameda County, California. Over $15 million was distributed to California and this is the first cleanup success in the state at this shovel ready site. For the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Program, federal funding can be used for clean up where there is no financially responsible party to protect important groundwater supplies. Without Recovery Act funding, California, as a result of the economic downturn, would not have resources to fund petroleum cleanups such as the kind at this site. This former bulk oil storage site was left vacant for years due to the contamination. The site will be developed into a Youth Center, 2 acre park and a school gymnasium. Investing in this cleanup will jump-start other jobs and investments in the community. Through the Recovery Act, EPA is putting people to work and protecting the environment.

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