Satellites reveal the spread of the Caldor and Dixie fires


Today’s Video of the Day from NASA Goddard features a visualization of the spread of the Caldor and Dixie fires. According to NASA, the images are updated every 12 hours based on new fire detections from the VIIRS sensor on the Suomi-NPP satellite. 

“The yellow outlines track the position of the active fire lines for the last 60 hours, with the latest location of the fire front in the brightest shade of yellow. The red points show the location of active fire detections, while the grey region shows the estimated total area burned. The graph shows the cumulative burned area in square kilometers,” explains NASA.

The Caldor fire broke out just south of Grizzly Flats, California and burned from August 15 to October 6. This fire is believed to have been caused recklessly as a result of gunfire or a campfire.

The Dixie fire began on July 14 after a Douglas fir fell onto a PG&E line in the Feather River Canyon, and continued burning until October 22, 2021.

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