Severe storms, deadly tornadoes sweep through the South •

Severe storms, deadly tornadoes sweep through the South


Severe storms swept through the South on Monday night, causing widespread flooding and killing at least five people. The deadly weather system began in Texas where lightning sparked a fire in a home outside of Dallas. The storm then moved east, bringing heavy rains and serious damage from Louisiana to Florida.

According to the National Weather Service, tornados touched down in at least three different sites: southeastern Alabama, Northwestern Georgia, and Mississippi.

In Alabama, a tornado touched down killing four people in a single home. The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo in Gulf Shores was also hit by a tornado, though no animals are believed to have been killed.

A tornado is also believed to have touched down in Simpson County, Mississippi, pushing a church off its foundation.

In Florida, a 70-year-old man drowned in the floodwaters outside of his mobile home. The severe storms also caused flash flooding across Alabama and Western South Carolina.

Marksville, Louisiana Fire Chief Jerry told the AP the storms knocked over 18-wheel trailers and punched holes in the roof of a Walmart.

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