SnowEx aims to advance satellite remote sensing •

SnowEx aims to advance satellite remote sensing


SnowEx aims to advance satellite remote sensing Today’s Video of the Day from NASA Goddard features an in-depth look at a fieldwork project for SnowEx, a multi-year campaign to advance the capabilities of satellite remote sensing.

Students from Montana State University have been involved with SnowEx 2021 at the Central Agricultural Research Center (CARC) site. 

“Wow – this NASA SnowEx project has provided some amazing opportunities for hands-on learning for students and investigators alike,” said Dr. Eric Sproles. “The snow-centric research at Montana State University has primarily focused on mountain snowpacks.” . It focuses on airborne campaigns and field work, and on comparing the various sensing technologies, from the mature to the more experimental. Therefore it has been a huge advantage used for studies and education helping and showing the effects of the migration in the certain area. Therefore SnowEx aims to advance satellite remote sensing

“Working in the prairie is different in many ways. First, it is much more variable than I imagined. Because of wind and vegetation, snow drifts can be over 3 feet deep in one location, and only 20 yards away you find bare ground. This allows you to really think about the effects of wind and vegetation in this food producing region of the world.”

Video Credit: NASA Goddard 

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

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