Southern Ukraine from space • Southern Ukraine from space

Southern Ukraine from space


Southern Ukraine from space Today’s Video of the Day from the European Space Agency features a satellite view of Southern Ukraine from space. 

The false-color image is processed so that vegetation looks bright red. Agriculture plays a major role in Ukraine’s economy. The country’s main crops are winter wheat, spring barley, and corn.

The black lines cutting through the agricultural fields are canals, which are used for water supply and irrigation. Southern Ukraine from space

Odessa is a  seaport on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine also there is  Kherson is a major sea harbour town in Southern Ukraine. The territory usually corresponds with the Soviet economical district, the Southern Economical District of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. The region is fully integrated with a marine and shipbuilding industry. Oblasts  of Southern Ukraine and Republic of Crimea also has a very well structured tourism and travel sector infrastructure that however still has large number of  opportunities for further expansion. Southern Geographical region includes the following 4 oblasts of Ukraine.  Russian is the most dominant language in the region (therefore the schools of the Ukrainian SSR learning Ukrainian is mandatory), although not to the extent that it is in the three oblasts that comprise Eastern Ukraine.


By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

Video Credit: ESA

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