The port city of Antofagasta, Chile •

The port city of Antofagasta, Chile


The port city of Antofagasta, Chile Today’s Video of the Day from the European Space Agency features the port city of Antofagasta, Chile, which is located about 1,000 kilometers north of Santiago.

Antofagasta is positioned between the Pacific Ocean to the west and the mountains to the east. 

The city has approximately 22 kilometers of coastline, but also lies within the Atacama Desert – one of the driest places on Earth. 

The region has a cold desert climate with abundant sunshine, and January is the warmest month.

The city of Antofagasta is known mostly for the mining activity that takes part in the city, being a port and the chief service hub for one of Chile’s major mining areas. You can also find that silver and saltpeter mining have been historically important for Antofagasta, since the mid-19th century copper mining is by far the most important mining activity for Antofagasta fueling a steady growth in the areas of construction, retail, hotel accommodations, population growth, and a remarkable skyline development until the end of the 2000s commodities boom in 2013. 

The port city of Antofagasta, Chile which is also close to Bolivia. The history on on Bolivia is that the contract of 1873 between the government and CSFA was not yet put in force, because, according to the Bolivian constitution, all contracts with the Bolivian government had to be approved by the congress. There climate and weather is same as far as the climate of dryness and desert.

Video Credit: ESA

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

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