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Urban Waters Voices: James Rasmussen


This video features James Rasmussen, Coordinator for the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition/Technical Advisory Group, describing some of the challenges faced by communities along the Duwamish River (e.g. Superfund site cleanup, industrial contamination, and storm water issues) and how the organization is using community involvement and education to inform and influence the work that is being done.

The Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition (www.duwamishcleanup.org) has been working since 2001 on the cleanup of south Seattle, Washington”s Lower Duwamish River. Founded by local environmental, tribal, and community organizations, the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition sees its goal as working to ensure that the Duwamish River Superfund cleanup not only restores environmental health and protects fishers and families who use the river, but also reflects the priorities, values and will of the people who live and work in the region.

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