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This image shows a possible flag rockfish (~30 cm) at 120 m water depth. If this is, in fact, a flag rockfish, it represents a significant range extension. Published geographic ranges  extend from San Francisco, CA, south to the Baja Peninsula.

Rose-red to pink dorsal surface, silvery on sides and ventral surface. Small lobes projecting from anterior part of upper jaw. Long second anal fin spine.

The Flag Rockfish is common fish of the Sebastidae family). It can be found from as far north as the Gulf of Alaska down the Pacific coast of North America and into the Baja Penninsula.

Like other similar species, Flag Rockfish can vary widely in markings and coloration, but generally they are dark brown to olive, with a pink and often splashed with a flag or dull yellow.

They are considered good to eat and an excellent sportsfish. While not dangerous or poisonous to humans, care must be taken when handling them as they have mildly venomous dorsal and anal fin spines


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