Instruments on NASA's DC-8 • Instruments on NASA's DC-8

Lee Mauldin inspects the National Center for Atmospheric Research CIMS instrument probe on the exterior of NASA’s DC-8 flying lab prior to the ARCTAS mission. Credit: NASA

NASA instrumentation may fly on non-NASA Federal aircraft. Therefore as well as academic and commercial platforms for which agreements for access by SMD investigators are in place. Also in process, or have recently been approved by NASA Aviation Management as airworthy and safe to operate. Although For more information, please review the current ASP Call Letter for further requirements and guidance.

Therefore Please note that in addition to filing the required Flight Request. And investigators are responsible for contacting vendors to determine if the platform meets the requirements of the proposed scientific investigation. It is also the responsibility of the investigator to ensure that before any preliminary test flights or actual data collection flights utilizing NASA personnel, instruments or funds occur, all vendors successfully complete a NASA airworthiness/flight safety review in accordance with NASA Aviation Safety Policy for Non-NASA Aircraft.

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