Monstera deliciosa Swiss cheese plant •

Last update: October 28th, 2020 at 5:00 pm

Monstera deliciosa Swiss cheese plant is an epiphyte with aerial roots, able to grow up to 66 ft high in the wild, with large, leathery, glossy, heart-shaped leaves 10–35.5 in long by 10–29.5 in broad. The leaves on young plants are smaller and entire with no lobes or holes, but soon produce lobed and fenestrate leaves as they grow. Although it can grow very tall in nature, it only measures between 6.6 and 9.8 ft when grown indoors. The leaves are large (up to 3.3 ft long), heart-shaped and pinnate. The older the plant, the more the leaves are covered with its familiar large perforations.

Wild seedlings grow towards the darkest area they can grow until they find a tree trunk, then start to grow up towards the light, creeping up the tree.

The inflorescence is adorned with a cream-white spathe of uniform, velvety appearance, covering, like a hood, a yellowish white spadix 10 to 3.9 to 5.9 in high and about 1.2 in in diameter. Flowers are self pollinating, containing both androecium and gynoecium. Since they contain both structures, this plant is able to self-pollinate.

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