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Caudalie has a mission to find the greenest ingredients possible and uses only plant oils and fair trade and organic ingredients. This brand also stands against animal testing.

After graduating from Skema Business School, Mathilde Thomas first took a job specializing in Perfume Series in Grasse.
In 1993, during the harvest of Château Smith Haut Lafitte, Mathilde Thomas and her husband Bertrand Thomas met Professor Joseph Vercauteren of Pharmacy in Bordeaux,a polyphenols specialist, and his research team. Mr.Vercauteren shared one of his discoveries with them – that PCOs (procyanidolic oligomers) extracted from grape-seeds, are significantly more effective than vitamin E against free radicals.
In 1995, Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas launched Caudalie by developing a range of three products containing stabilized grape-seed polyphenols with anti-ageing properties. The name Caudalie means “the haunting scent of wine”. The image of grape is always on the packages, it is also nicknamed as “Big Grape”.
In 1999, Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas created their first Vinothérapie Spa in the grounds of Château Smith Haut Lafitte. Caudalie USA, a subsidiary, was founded in 2001. Therefore the popular skin care line is known for a lot of its organic ingredients. Caudalie is a high end product known more likely to be in the high end department stores

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