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Fog delays holiday travel in New Delhi

Hundreds of passengers were left stranded over the New Year’s holiday in New Delhi, as thick fog descended upon the city for the second day on Monday.

An estimated 300 flights departing from the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport were either cancelled or backlogged due to poor visibility on the runways.

Sanjiv Kapoor is the Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer for Vistara, an Indian domestic airline.

Kapoor posted on Twitter:

“Happy New Year! Another tough day at DEL. All departures were held up due to fog, arrivals not getting gates as all occupied by aircraft waiting to depart. Departures finally starting to happen now. Consequential delays expected through the day across the network.”

Kapoor updated travelers again today on Twitter to warn that the fog is back and is expected to remain in the area overnight into Tuesday morning. “Please be prepared for extensive delays again,” he wrote.

An advisory from the Delhi Traffic Police was posted on New Year’s Eve, which encouraged drivers to delay their travel plans when fog warnings are in place. Drivers who end up in foggy conditions were asked to slow down, avoid passing, and increase their following distance.

The tweet from Delhi traffic officials advised people driving in fog to “reduce the distractions” in their vehicles by turning off music and cell phones.

Over two dozens trains were also delayed Monday morning, leaving passengers stranded for a short time at New Delhi’s railway station.

The fog is predicted to continue up until Wednesday when it will begin to moderate, according to the India Meteorological Department.

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

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