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05-17-2017 Presents: Fun ways for families to do an Act of Green

The Earth Day Network has launched a campaign called Billion Acts of Green to spark interest in pursuing environmentally-friendly practices. With a total of 2,023,369,586 green acts recorded in the campaign so far, Earth Day Network is well on its way to reaching a goal of 3 billion acts by their 50th anniversary in 2020.

Recycling, reusing, repurposing, and reducing are all activities we should participate in daily. A great way to get children to become environmentally responsible is to demonstrate these types of activities and get them involved. The following are some fun ways that families can create their own acts of green.


Plant a vegetable garden

Plants are great for the environment because they take carbon dioxide out of the air and put oxygen back into it. A vegetable garden also saves money and encourages healthier eating.Tending a garden is a fun and easy way to get the whole family outside together. Let each member of the family choose a vegetable he or she wants to plant. Reap the benefits of your garden year after year.


Recycling reduces waste and the harmful effects of waste. Recycling with your children can be a very rewarding experience – you will gain a sense of pride for doing this good deed together while earning extra money. Set up recycling bins at your house, church, or even at the local ballpark and collect the bags regularly. Sell the cans and bottles and use the money for fun family outings.

Repurpose furniture

Got old furniture laying around taking up space? Use it for fun repurposing projects you can do with your family.  Turn an old bookshelf into a sandbox, or transform a skateboard into a tree swing. For these and more fun upcycling projects check out 15 Trash-to-Treasure Crafts That’ll Entertain Your Kids for Less.

Watch The Story of Stuff  together

What started as a brief, educational movie is now a full-blown movement. Watch the video and visit the website for ideas on how to help create a healthier world. Each member of your family can propose a resolution for the household. You can even put a reward in place for the family member who implements the most successful solution.

Collect rain in a barrel

Creating a rain barrel with your family is a simple yet practical way to conserve water. Use your recycled rain to water plants and trees in your yard, or use it to wash your cars. Fill up a baby pool or or build a bird bath. Flush toilets with the rain water, or filter it for drinking.

Simplify your life

Designate days that you can enjoy peace and quiet together. Long summer days are perfect for this. Open the curtains and let natural light into your home. Challenge your family to go an entire day without using lights and excess electricity. Unplug all the electronics and distractions in your lives. Plan a picnic in the backyard for dinner.


Earth Day may be April 22nd but every day is a chance to help make the planet a healthier place to live.

Just a few small resolutions can help you and your family develop planet-friendly habits that last a lifetime. When you get your children involved in helping to preserve the environment, you double and triple your own efforts, while bonding with the most important people in your life.

Original Feature By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

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