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How to find loads of helpful gardening hacks on social media

Spring is here and it’s time to get growing in the garden. If you’re looking for some gardening hacks to up your plant game, look no further than social media.

1. Find fascinating plant tips on Blossom

The DIY Instagram account recently served up three handy growing tips in a video.

First, gardeners looking for biodegradable seed-starters don’t need to head to their nearest nursery. Instead, grab a package of ice cream cones at the grocery store. They’re just the right size for a seed’s first home, and they fall apart around when the new plant is ready to put down roots in a larger space.

Second, save the root ends of those green onions. A clear plastic egg container becomes the perfect planter to regrow your own, and save a few cents when grocery shopping.

Third, don’t throw out those rusty nails. The iron they contain can be mixed with water and become plant food.

Another recent video shows how to make a self-watering planter out of a glass bottle.

2. Check out Twitter

Have an old T-shirt you don’t want? Turn it into a plant hanger in a few easy steps with this video from DIY Hacks.

Other Twitter accounts offer gardening hacks from plants that repel mosquitoes to why you should grow marigolds alongside your tomatoes. (Hint: It has to do with a chemical released by marigolds that fends off tomato-munching insects.)

3. Pop over to Pinterest

The Mother Lode of helpful gardening tricks is Pinterest. The virtual pinboard is a favorite of DIYers, who link helpful infographics, blog posts and more. Check out The Prairie Home’s Gardening Tips board to start with, or just search for “gardening hacks.”

4. Now on video

And don’t forget YouTube, where you can find helpful videos such as 15 Plants You Can Easily Grow in Your Own Kitchen, teaching you how to regrow celery, onions and even pineapples from your grocery store, along with turning old banana peels and eggshells into fertilizer.

Head over to your favorite social media site and get growing!

By Kyla Cathey, staff writer

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