How humans can influence space weather •

How humans can influence space weather


Climate change has shown us just how much human activity can impact our planet, but did you know that we can also affect conditions in space too? Today’s Video of the Day comes from NASA Goddard and features a look at how humans can influence space weather.

It turns out that Cold War-era nuclear tests set off an unexpected chain reaction that affected the skies and power girds across the globe, reaching as far as our own satellites in space. 

The more we learn about how humans impact the planet and beyond, the better equipped we become to protect ourselves. How humans can influence space weather as shown above in video will show you Space weather storms can cause trouble on Earth. Strong storms can mess up radio signals, shut down electrical systems, and expose people to radiation. How does Space Weather affect Earth and Human Society? Although space weather forecasts are not normally featured on the evening news, space weather does impact life on Earth in many ways.

But the information it provides will help scientists understand how events on the Sun have the ability to disrupt Earth’s communications, overload power grids, present a hazard to astronauts, and affect weather patterns. We call this effect on Earth “space weather.”


By Rory Arnold,

Video Credit: NASA Goddard

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