Birds eye view of North Korea • Birds eye view of North Korea

Birds eye view of North Korea


Birds eye view of North Korea will show how UrtheCast takes us on a tour of North Korea’s capital city, Pyongyang with footage shot from the International Space Station. Interestingly despite being populated with over 3 million people we see very minimal traffic on the streets below.

The images were taken with the medium-resolution Iris camera which has been operational for the past two years on the Russian segment of the ISS.

North Korea is now one of the poorest countries on Earth, relying largely on Chinese aid. But the per capita GDP of North Korea was once far greater than that of its (now wealthy) southern counterpart, South Korea, and of its most powerful ally, China. The Truth About North Korea. North Korean leaders tell their people that they are living in an amazing place. Sadly, this is a horrific lie. In truth, North Korea has one of the worlds least open economies and is now facing chronic economic problems. A large scale of their funds goes to the military and the dress of the leaders.

North Korea experiences a combination of continental climate and an oceanic climate, but most of the country experiences a humid continental climate within the Köppen climate classification. Birds eye view of North Korea as shown above will also show how The Summers tend to be by far the hottest, most humid, and rainiest time of year because of the southern and southeastern monsoon winds that carry moist air. The humidity is at an all time high during the summer time and also brings on a lot of rain and summer storms. North Koreas climate of high precipitation is usually between the months of June – September.

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