Route 66 symbolizes American freedom •

Route 66 symbolizes American freedom


Route 66 symbolizes American freedom oday’s Video of the Day from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) features Route 66, which was named “The Mother Road” by John Steinbeck.

The route was established in November of 1926, and symbolizes American mobility and freedom. Route 66 is one of several great westward American roads that symbolize the American dream of opportunity for all. For hundreds of years, Americans sought opportunity by moving west. 

According to the USGS, the starting point of Route 66 is in Chicago at the corner of Adams Street and Michigan Avenue. Despite the fact that “The Mother Road” signals gradual changes across the United States. Therefore it also symbolizes three aspects of everyday life such as The New Optimism and Migration, Freedom and Mobility, and a Trademark

This satellite mosaic was created using a combination of historical aerial photos and current imagery from the USGS EROS. The Mother Road” as a symbol of The New Optimism and Migration “The Main Street of America”, Route 66, has become a myth and a legend in American culture. Also From the very beginning not only does the road serve as a means of transport, but also presents a large number of symbols.

When contrasted with transcontinental corridors such as the Lincoln Highway and US Highway 40, Route 66 does not stand out as America’s oldest or longest road. Nevertheless, what sets this segment of national highway apart from its contemporaries is that it was the shortest, year-round route between the Midwest and the Pacific Coast.

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

Video Credit: United States Geological Survey

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