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NTU launches Singapore’s largest wind turbine


Today’s Video of the Day comes from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), who have launched Singapore’s largest wind turbine.

The new turbine measures roughly 140 feet in height and generates 100 kilowatts of power, which is enough to power 45 different homes. It is also sensitive enough to generate power with winds as slow as 3 meters per second.

“The deployment of Singapore’s first wind turbine is a big milestone in the nation’s commitment in developing clean energy technologies for the region,” said Professor Lam Khin Yong, NTU’s Acting Provost, Chief of Staff and Vice President for Research. “As a leading global university, NTU is proud to support Singapore’s efforts in meeting its sustainability objectives and pave the way towards a greener future.”

By Rory Arnold, Earth.com Staff Writer

Video Credit: Nanyang Technological University

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