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Spring flowers begin to bloom in the Netherlands


Spring flowers begin to bloom in the Netherlands Today’s Video of the Day comes from the European Space Agency (ESA) and features a look at the first spring flowers beginning to bloom in the Netherlands.

Just a few weeks ago, much of this area was still covered by a thin layer of ice. These images were captured by the Copernicus Sentinel 2 satellite mission and feature a look at the lakes of Amsterdam still thawing out. Tulips and other flowers mainly bloom during spring. March through May is therefore the best time to visit the Netherlands if you want to watch them in bloom. The world’s most beautiful spring park, the Keukenhof, is open during this time.

Every week we get many questions about the flowering period of the flower fields in Holland. Although the bloom is of course dependent on the weather conditions, an annual pattern can be recognized. Bloom starts around the beginning of March every year. With the Flower Map you can follow the current flowering of the flower fields.

Geraniums can start blooming as early as February in the Netherlands, depending on the weather, and will continue to flower throughout the spring and summer. The National Geranium Market is held each year on King’s Day in The Hague.

By Rory Arnold, Earth.com Staff Writer

Video Credit: European Space Agency

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