Tree trunks don’t store methane, they actually release it -

Tree trunks don’t store methane, they actually release it


Today’s Video of the Day comes from the University of Delaware and offers new insight into the battle against greenhouse gases. According to a new study, tree trunks in the forest do not absorb methane, they actually release the greenhouse gas.

When it comes to its effect on climate change, methane is actually 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide. While the researchers have confirmed that tree trunks do in fact emit methane, it remains to be seen where the methane is coming from. Potential sources include internal rotting within the tree, as well as various soil hotspots that transfer the methane up through the tree.

The study was led by Rodrigo Vargas, assistant professor at the University of Delaware, along with Professor Shreeram Inamdar, and doctoral student Daniel Warner.

By Rory Arnold Staff Writer

Source: University of Delaware, Jeffrey Chase

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