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What is Ecoscaping?

Ecoscaping incorporates the disciplines of landscape architecture and spatial planning with environmental science and offers an innovative approach in forming a sustainable and nature friendly design and/or construction. Every part of land is unique and provides different materials and micro-environments; ecoscaping aims to design in harmony with the land to produce an environmentally healthy and sustainable landscape. It also strives to take an existing structures and areas and add ecological balance and greenery as well. Ecoscaping prides itself on taking a holistic tactic to sustainable land use management.

The core of ecoscaping is nature conservation and ecological balance. A variety of techniques are used to transform land so that it’s in greater harmony with nature and its ecology. The entire process behind ecoscaping is to take the best, most innovative solutions that are available, and utilize them to improve the look of a property while making the smallest possible impact on the surrounding environment. The act of ecoscaping promotes biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

Ecoscaping can be achieved in many ways including using natural products instead of artificial decoration, adding trees and minimizing the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, creating out-buildings that work in harmony with the land, rainwater harvesting, and self contained water reservoir for water balance.

Image Caption: Rath near Clanabogan Community Centre. The Camphill farm adjoins this rath. I was able to get this view looking down on it from the first floor of a farm building. It gives you a good indication of the circular shape. I also had a chat with one of the volunteer workers who came from Germany, and he informs me that he has come for a year to take part in the eco-friendly farming activities and help disabled people who attend or live in the campus.

Credit: Kenneth Allen / Wikipedia

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