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ceratotherium simum ssp simum

Ceratotherium simum ssp. simum

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The southern white rhinoceros or southern square-lipped rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum simum), is one of the two subspecies of the white rhinoceros (the other being the much rarer northern white rhinoceros). It is the most common and widespread subspecies of rhinoceros.

As of late December 2007, the total population was estimated at 17,460 southern white rhino in the wild, making them by far the most abundant subspecies of rhino in the world. South Africa is the stronghold for this subspecies (93.0%), conserving 16,255 individuals in the wild in 2007. The current census from Save the Rhino‘s official website revealed there are 19,682–21,077 southern white rhinoceros since 2015

Detailed information
Full Name: Southern white Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum ssp. simum)
Where found: Wherever found
Critical Habitat:N/A
Species Group:Mammals
Current listing status
Status Date Listed Lead Region Where Listed
Similarity of Appearance (Threatened) 09/11/2013 Foreign (Headquarters) Wherever found
Federal register documents
No recovery information is available for the Southern white Rhinoceros.
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