LIFE ON US: A Microscopic Safari (Amazon Prime) •

Last update: April 6th, 2020 at 5:00 am

LIFE ON US: A Microscopic Safari (Amazon Prime)

LIFE ON US: A Microscopic Safari (Amazon Prime) This unique documentary explores the habitats of an entire community of creatures and organisms that “live, compete, thrive, feed, breed, are born or die in or on our bodies.” Yes, the human body provides a habitat for more wildlife than you can imagine… (2014)

Watch the Life On Us: A Microscopic Safari trailer here!

Nigel Marven and his two-man crew shrink themselves to a half an inch tall and explore the small world of bugs. Little do they know, these are like monsters at their miniaturised state. As they venture through the back yard, they encounter many species of bugs and even a frog, shrew, and owl the size of a dinosaur (from Nigel’s point of view). After going through Spider Valley, they learn of the extreme side effects of being miniaturised, and must survive and make it back to their car in twenty-three hours, or remain small for the rest of their short lives. In the climax, it’s all up to his assistant Laura to save him. At the end, the three discover after being returned to normal size, a wasp has been blown up to huge sizes with them.

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