Chilean Penguin • Chilean Penguin

A Magallanes Chilean penguin in Turis-Otway, Patagonia, returns to its burrow. The site is not far from Punta Arenas, the base for IceBridge’s 2010 Antarctic campaign. Credit: NASA/Michelle Williams

Located on the Brunswick Peninsula north of the Strait of Magellan. Therefore Punta Arenas was originally established by the Chilean government in 1848. Although as a tiny penal colony to assert sovereignty over the Strait. Also During the remainder of the 1800s, Punta Arenas grew in size and importance due to the increasing maritime traffic. Also  trade traveling to the west coasts of South and North America. This period of growth also resulted from the waves of European immigrants, mainly from Croatia and Russia attracted to the gold rush and sheep farming boom in the 1880s and early 1900s. The largest sheep company, controlling 10,000 square kilometres in Chile and Argentina, was based in Punta Arenas, and its owners lived there.

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